process controller 3.0 for Windows 10


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Process Controller belongs to that small select group of applications whose functionality really should have been available in Windows out of the box for many years.

For years Windows has shipped with a very advanced thread and process handling engine. This in Process Controller theory lets you set different processing priorities on processes and threads as they run, which directly affects how processor time is divided amongst the various running processes.

When used to its full potential this model has the ability to make a system vastly more responsive to the end user. It can prevent badly programmed applications from taking up all of the available processor time thus making a system unresponsive. It can also massively increase the multitasking capabilities of a system. The potential benefits can be huge in a Terminal Server / Citrix server environment.

Process controller lets you get control of the processes running on your systems by allowing you to throttle back long running intensive processes automatically. This is done with either 'Static' rules or 'Dynamic' rules.

Static rules let you specify processes that should always :

1) Have their processing priority promoted to above normal

2) Have their processing priority demoted to below normal

3) Be terminated as soon as they are detected.